Expert level AI devs team: data scientists and developers onboard

Neoncorte has been collecting AI product ideation, prototyping, development and validation expertize for years and decades
nikolay russkikh ceo neoncorte ai product studio
Nikolay Russkikh - CEO
10+ years in machine learning research engineering
BioTech industry, ML in sports analytics
evgeny tarasenko cto neoncorte ai product studio
Evgeny Tarasenko - CTO
20+ years in software engineering
FinTech, BioTech industries
igor yi chief data scientist neoncorte ai product studio
Igor Yi - Chief Data Scientist
5+ years of in Deep Learning product development
BioTech industry
vladimir shibanov cmo neoncorte ai product studio
Vladimir Shibanov - CBDO
20+ years in marketing, PR and venture building industry
E-media, E-commerce, GameDev, BioTech
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